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Camp Shower Bags

Send your child to camp with a shower bag. This will help keep them organized for those early morning wakeups and showers. Usually, the small shower bag is big enough to hold all their things. The large shower bag is an inch deeper and wider, and has a little more room to store things. I never went to camp myself, but I've learned from my boys that a camp shower bag has got to hold a few essentials: shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, sunscreen, big comb, scrubby sponge, and bug repellent, glasses, flashlight, and have a little room for a bottle of water or a naughty water balloon. The shower bag can go right into the shower and then shake out. The shower bags have been marked down, so now is a good time to buy. These embroider beautifully, see sample below.