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Canvas for Sale - Webbing for Sale

We had a project years ago to make navy blue canvas and mesh bags for nurses to use at our flu clinic. I had trouble finding a good quality canvas, so I ordered a roll of 100 yards, figuring I would use it up. Well, didn't happen, so we are selling it. We sell it by the yard, and since it is 60", this yard is plenty enough to make a nice tote bag out of, with a little leftover. 

We are also selling some polypropylene webbing that we use to make our prototypes and custom bag straps, and boat tops. To get the good price on it, we often order it in 100 - 300 yard quantities, and it seems we have quite a bit to share. So go shopping and have fun! We recommend, if you are doubling the straps, buy 5 yards. If you are doing 1 layer of straps, buy 3 yards.