Cotton Canvas Bags – Saltwater Canvas® LLC

Cotton Canvas Bags

We had a few yards of several colors of a medium weight cotton canvas, and sewed the canvas into ditty bags, with a round base and 5 pockets total. We added fabric accents to the hook and pocket inside. This is an easy bag to fill with fabric, stationery, newspaper, mail, or knitting projects, library books, or to take to the farmers market. Always good to have filled for when you might have a little spare time, ie, doctors office, meeting, or waiting in car.

4  - 9" high outer pockets and one inner pocket with accent fabric detail. Carabiner Hook inside with accent fabric. 11" tall, 9" diameter, shoulder carry handle 26" above bag top. Each bag varies a bit.

Click on bag below to see all the colors. Limit per customer: 2 please.