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Custom Bags made in your colors

We started our Custom Bag Month 11 years ago, when customers wanted a discontinued bag style, or a bag with a zipper, or a huge bag for their family, a tiny shower bag, or a bag with a solid base. Many of our bags have originated as a customer request, such as our dog carry bag, and shower bag with 14 pockets, and are only available during custom bag month. September and October are slow months for us, so it is a perfect time to grab a bunch of books on tape, and start sewing. I am always amazed at the color combinations people come up with that I love. I am a colorholic and a bagaholic, so I never get tired of seeing the different bags. This season try our 2 Salt and Pepper Shopping Bags - shop with one, go to the beach with the other!
So, pick out a bag style below and design your own one of a kind bag For Team, College, Family , Garden, Dog Carry, Swim Workout, Gym, Shopping and Living.
Each bag makes a special gift for a special person, especially you. 

 Come visit the Custom Bag Photos Page for Ideas ! 

  1. Click on the bag style you like. Follow the directions.