Minnow Mesh Beach Bag for Tots – Saltwater Canvas® LLC

Minnow Mesh Beach Bag for Tots

This Minnow Mesh Beach Bag Holds a small towel, toys, sunscreen, a snack and drink. Great for garden and library too.
  • 2 bright color combos
  • 2 outside pockets
  • 2 inside zip pockets for beach treasures
  • Mesh bag is 9" high, and bag is 14" tall including the strap
  • Base is 7" wide x 12" long for holding beach treasures 
  • Shake or hose it off at the end of the day
  • Machine washable, hang dry     

     filled minnow bag


    "The bags were perfect for Easter and the kids loved them, moms even more! Thank you." E. Sullivan, Sharon, MA

    The Minnow Mesh Beach Bag is an indestructible beach bag for any age. Made of our tough outdoor mesh, with 31" doubled straps running the length of the bag for unbreakable strength. It has 2 large outer pockets, and 2 smaller zip pockets inside for treasures. This mesh beach bag can go in or out of the water, and can be hosed off at the end of the day, and dry in minutes.

    The Minnow Mesh Beach Bag is 8.5 inches tall, and the strap 14 inches tall, for little arms. The base of the bag is 12 x 7" square with rounded corners. The outer pockets are 7.5" high x 6" wide. 

    The Minnow Mesh Beach Bag holds everything for a day at the beach or pool: small towel, sunscreen, lunch and drink. It can sit in the water, for holding ocean items safe in their environment. This Mesh Beach Bag makes a great swim team bag also. Recommended for 5 and up, adults love it too.