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Shopping Bags

2 Salt & Pepper Shopping Bags hold just enough so you can fill them up & carry 
2 outer pockets hold your coupons, wallet, keys, and shopping list
13" tall & x 12.5" x 9" oval base (same size as dolphin)
1.5" (wider) double shoulder straps run length of bag for strength
Metal hook for keys
Spill your yogurt? Milk break free? Just give your bag a rinse 
Machine washable, hang dry
Bonus: this indestructible bag can be used for the beach, gym & pool off duty
Machine washable, hang on line, in warm sun
All Custom Bags Made in our shop
38 oz | 1.077 kg
My friend Ellen asked me to make her some shopping bags for gifts for her family. She said she wanted a very simple bag that would last. I used my dolphin bag pattern, and left off the outer band of pockets, and the inside zip pocket. I made the strap a little wider, for carrying heavy loads on shoulders, and added the key strap inside. These bags can do double duty as a workout bag or beach bag without all the foofy stuff.

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