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Shower Bags by the tens

$120.00 $160.00

Buy an assortment of 10 shower bags and save $40. 
These come in handy for gifts for high school graduates, teachers, gymmers + swimmers, water aerobics group, swim teams ... Fill each one to make it unique or give as is, they will fill them up fast with their favorites. This is the most reusable gift bag we've ever seen. 
When checking out, on the left you will see "Add special instructions for your order...". Click in there, and you can write in the colors you would like. Choose from Black, Sky Blue, Bright Blue, Red, Sage, White Navy, Bright Green. Below is a photo of some black zip shower bags, embroidered by one of our creative customers:

"I have purchased about 40 shower bags from Saltwater Canvas. When each of my 3 children graduated from high school, I had an easy gift for their graduation parties: shower bags, filled to the brim with college necessities. My kids and their friends loved these bags. They were colorful, easy to fill, had lots of pockets, and they stood up. What a colorful spread! 
Years later I still see these bags being used by "the graduates" to tote items to the gym and to workouts."
G. Lopez, Medfield, MA

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