Zip Top Mesh Whale Bag® – Saltwater Canvas® LLC

Zip Top Mesh Whale Bag®

Zip Top Mesh Whale Bag®, for shopping, beach, sports, car, boat, and travel. Fits in overhead bin for travel, not stuffed too much.
Stainless Steel Snap Hook on the inside for keys or sunglasses
Zippered Pocket inside; top zip is great for secure air travel
This is a Family Bag, with lots of room, 9 deep pockets.
One of our Best Selling Colors for Moms and Dads, travelers and Cruisers

When unzipped, the ziptop whale bag® is slightly higher, 17.5". When closed, the ziptop whale bag® is 15" tall, with a 6" gusset. Travels open or closed easily. Great for carry on luggage for your beach vacation, and doubles as a secure beach and shopping bag during your trip. Wonderful on a cruise. When loading bag overhead, the dimensions of the whale bag® can be 22" long x 9" deep x 15" wide. The critical measurement here is 9" deep, so the bag can smooth out to 22 inches wide when storing overhead, but can't be overstuffed beyond 9" wide, so it will fit in the overhead bin. Below: picture of one of the ziptop whale bags® (on right) on the way to Florida. It went right into the Jet Blue overhead bin.