Mesh Whale Bag® * ZipTop Black – Saltwater Canvas® LLC

Mesh Whale Bag® * ZipTop Black

$24.97 $42.50

ZipTop Mesh Whale Bag®
Mesh Zip Top Whale Bag® holds 6 beach towels, toys, drinks and food
9 big pockets hold your beach favorites upright & easy to see.
Secret zippered pocket inside for valuables
Snap hook for keys or glasses
Family Size: 17.5" Tall x 12.5" Wide x 15" Oval Base
1.5" doubled shoulder straps run length of bag
Hose it off at the end of the day, dries fast
Machine Washable, hang dry
Look for the Saltwater Canvas® label
31 oz | .88 kg

When open, the ZipTop Mesh Whale Bag® is slightly higher, 17.5". When closed, bag is 15" tall, with a 6" gusset. Travels open or closed easily. Great for carry on luggage for your beach vacation, and doubles as a secure beach bag during your trip. Wonderful for a cruise. When loading bag overhead, the dimensions of the bag can be 22" long x 9" deep x 15" wide. Picture loading the bag sideways; the critical measurement here is 9" deep, so the bag can smooth out to 22 inches wide when storing overhead, but can't be overstuffed beyond 9" deep, so it will fit in the overhead bin. Love the idea of a bag that works on the plane and on the beach.


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