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Aussome Aussie Summer Shipping Sale

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We would really like your business. Shipping prices are astoundingly high from the US. We figured the postal price for orders 6 to 192 ounces, and multiplied each price by .7 to get 30% off for your summer season. No handling fees or tricks. Under each bag for sale, you will see the description, and weight. You can order any bag combinations you would like.  Order as a group, or save on your Christmas shopping. Don't forget to use the discount code as well, for good savings.

For example, 1 whale bag weighs 29 ounces and costs $21.61 to mail. With 30% off, it is $15.10 US. If you order a bunch of bags, 192 ounces, a whale bag will cost less than $10.00 US. Still expensive, but with our friendly discounts, you can save even more on your order.  

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