Large Beach Cabanas for waterfront homes – Saltwater Canvas® LLC

Large Beach Cabanas for waterfront homes

These old fashioned cabanas make a day at the beach a little extra special. They provide a cozy shelter in sun, clouds, rain, and wind. They stand out on the beach, and your children will always know where it is. Cabanas are made to last a generation.
"A Saltwater Canvas cabana evokes the feeling of a different time and place - a Newport beach in the 1920s or a seaside resort on the Riviera. The beach shelter is an umbrella, a beach hut, and a wind and sun screen all in one - and it's stylish to boot. Set-up takes 10 seconds . . . The cabana isn't cheap, but neither is a swank summer cottage". - Marie C. Franklin, The Boston Globe Hot Lines, 1992

  • Sunbrella Fabric provides 98% sun protection
  • Will not fade in the sun, and resists rain
  • The cabana is dark and cool inside 
  • 4 mesh screens let wind in and out
  • Cabana opens up, and folds up in seconds, and can be moved easily 
  • 3 outer pockets hold sand or rocks to keep the cabana anchored. Children love to do this part! 
  • The pockets are grommeted to let the last bit of sand out at the end of the day.
  • The cabana can hold 3 chaises, or several people. If you back it up to the sun, it provides a lot of shade in front.
  • This cabana is made of boat aluminum which we cut and bend in our shop.
  • Fixtures are marine grade boat hardware.
  • Sail strength Dacron thread is used to construct the cabana.
  • Travels in minivans with a little fidgeting. We recommend using the cabana at one location.
  • We've been designing and making cabanas since 1991. Never a return!
  • 84" wide x 54" tall