4 Adult and Teen Swimming Lessons – Saltwater Canvas® LLC

A 4 Lesson Gift

$140.00 $160.00

A group of 4 Discounted Private Learn to Swim Lessons in a heated, shallow pool, with a certified Lifeguard trained as an Adult Learn to Swim Coach. We proceed at your comfort level, and make each visit to the water fun and enjoyable. We have bathing caps, goggles, and all kinds of floaties to help you get used to the water. The Newton facility we use has a small locker room, where you can store your valuables and clothes. Fresh fluffy towels, shower and fruit are there for you after your swimming lesson.

You can pay online (add to cart) or pay at class time. To set up a time, please email Helen at saltwatercanvas@gmail.com with a few times that work for you. 

Times: Monday - Friday 10am 12noon 2PM 6PM.  

Click here to view and print gift certificate. Learn to Swim!


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