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Mesh Shower Caddy 12 pockets In Your Colors

$28.97 $31.97

NEW 12 Pocket Custom Mesh Shower Caddy ~ not just for showers anymore!

We designed 4 of these for a camping family this summer. They wanted as many pockets as we could put in.
6 outside pockets, some wide, some skinny
6 inside sleeves hold water, large shampoo bottles, etc. A towel fits in if these channels are not filled too full.
Mesh bag is 9" high, and bag is 14" tall including a wide strap
Base is 7" wide x 12" long and slightly rounded at corners
This is a stand up bag, not meant for hanging up, as our other shower bags are
Great for crafters, groomers, hobbyists, swimmers, artists, accessorizors, knitters, family vacations (outdoor showers)
5 year function guarantee.
Custom Mesh colors: 
mesh colors

Custom 1.5" Shower Caddy 14 Strap colors: 

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