Swimming Class for Beginners – Saltwater Canvas® LLC

Swimming Class for Beginners

$50.00 $75.00

This is the class for people who are afraid of the water, or who have never learned to swim, or are just brushing up on old skills. Try one class and see how you like it, and then we can go from there. Just bring you and a bathing suit! I supply all the rest. Pool is heated, shallow, and has easy steps to get in. Towels are supplied, and I have bathing caps, goggles and floaties. There is even a bowl of fruit to reward you after your lesson.

You can pay online (add to cart) or pay after class. To set up a time, please email Helen at saltwatercanvas@gmail.com with a few times that work for you.

Classes run Monday - Friday 9am - 6PM, and Tuesdays 'til 5pm

Approximate Age
What you would like to learn
Email Address (sometimes I send a 3 minute stroke video)
Cell phone for texting last minute changes
Some times that work for you. Try taking a lesson, and we can arrange week by week if that is easier.
Any additional comments or concerns

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