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Old Fashioned Canvas Beach Cabanas for Families

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Made in USA! Our beach cabanas are made of 98% sunproof Sunbrella Fabric, to keep you comfy on a hot, windy, rainy, or cool summer day. Mesh windows let wind in and out to keep the cabana ventilated and stable. 3 outer pockets are filled with sand or rocks to keep the cabanas secure on the beach. Children love to do this part! They do not blow away as umbrellas are known to do. Cabanas set up in 30 seconds, and close down in 30 seconds. Leave on your beach, or take it home or back to your cottage at the end of the day. Our cabanas are designed to last a generation. Sunbrella fabric will not fade, and aluminum is just as weatherproof and strong. 

"A Saltwater Canvas® cabana evokes the feeling of a different time and place - a Newport beach in the 1920s or a seaside resort on the Riviera. The beach shelter is an umbrella, a beach hut, and a wind and sun screen all in one - and it's stylish to boot. Set-up takes 10 seconds . . . The cabana isn't cheap, but neither is a swank summer cottage".
Marie C. Franklin, The Boston Globe Hot Lines, 1992

After 26 years, we are discontinuing our Cabana division of Saltwater Canvas®. These were our first Saltwater Canvas product, made of weather and sunproof Sunbrella® Fabric on metal tubing. These last a generation, with care, and are very special to me. We grew up on Cape Cod with a small cabana that my father bought on the side of the road on our way to the Cape. These were from Cuba, made of cotton canvas, with fringe, and came to the beach with us, all the time. 
When my own children were beachworthy, I went looking for a cabana, and all I could find was nylon pup tent type things, which were hot and hard to put up, and often blew down. Frustrated, I went into my parents' attic, and found our old cabana, stripped off the old cotton, and hand sewed on some fabric. It was ugly, but did the job of covering my children. Years later, I decided to redo the cabana in a few different sizes and colors, in a more weatherproof fabric. We've had cabanas sold as rentals, mainly in the MA area, such as Chatham Bars Inn, Mattaquesett, Liams, the Wequasset Inn, all with re-orders. We've sold hundreds to families. Just last fall, we sent 2 small ones off to Australia!
Long story long, we are selling off all of our stock. If you are looking for a generation of sun protection, and ease of use, these colorful cabanas are for you. These are hand made by Saltwater Canvas®, including cutting and bending the aluminum, patterning, cutting, sewing and mounting the fabric. Every cabana is a one of a kind gem that will make your trips to the beach special. We have 10 left. We also have 1 medium cabana marked down to $399. Email to inquire if it is still available.

2 - 84" wide x 54" high large cabanas (best for homes on the water, fits in minivan with effort) $999
8 - 64" wide x 48" high medium cabanas (fits into most SUVs or wagons) $799
1 - 43" cabana left blue green blue $275

We are selling off the last of our inventory, on a pick up only basis, in Newton, Massachusetts. These are the only portable, family friendly, sturdy beach cabanas in the world. When folded up, they don't take up much space; they look like a square U. See various photos below. You can reserve your cabana now, and pick it up on your way to the Cape this summer. Saltwater Canvas, our home business, is just off exit 17 of the Mass Turnpike. To take a look at our cabanas, please email Helen at While supplies last.

From left to right:
Large cabana by pool w 3 chaises, striped large cabana, Medium cabana at Nauset beach (note dark shade inside), A few folded up large cabanas, Pocket details, Back pocket, 5 cabanas for rent in Martha's Vineyard, small 43" cabana sitting on beach.

  Large cabana on the beach in Brewster, Cape Cod  medium cabana on Nauset Beach, Cape Cod   all cabanas fold up easily  side pocket details  Back pocket. All pockets have a grommet in the base for sand shake out.  cabanas for rent on Martha's Vineyard  

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