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Contact us:   Helen, 8 Bunny Circle, Newton,  MA 02458  617-417-3826  saltwatercanvas@gmail.com = best contact  method

First Shower Bag ! Needed a little product development....
These bags are the original bags, designed here, starting in 1998, and we still are creating more. Here is a picture of my first attempt at the shower bag, now hanging in my mother's back yard. I copied an old clothespin bag. Embarrassing but true! My mother has been using it as a clothespin bag forever.
 shipping Shipping: Flat Rate US shipping for 1-10 bags: $6. Our shipping is not pretty, but the bags can handle it. We stuff as much as we can into our envelopes, which saves both of us on high shipping charges. Guaranteed in 1-3 business days to your continental U.S. destination. We process our orders at 8:30AM EST every morning. 1-2 shower bags ship first class for $4.00. Live nearby? Pick it up for free from the Saltwater Canvas mailbox, address above.

International shipping: UK, Canada, Australia. We do not take responsibility for packages shipped to fighting and unstable countries.

Shipping Hints UK:
I hate shipping! I noticed that some orders ship for much less per ounce than others. I sat down and figured out the best prices for shipping different weights to the UK.
I figured it out by the ounce, and here is what I came up with. I listed a few popular combinations of bags. Often times I see an order that is 1 ounce over, and it will cost you an additional 10 - 15 dollars. Hopefully, this will prevent paying even more for shipping than you have to. We charge exactly what we pay for international shipping, no "shipping and handling" profit makers.
Worst Deal:
Shipping for up to 8 ounces | 1 shower bag any style = 1.60 per ounce. Total cost = $12.83
Better Deals:
Shipping for 8 - 32 ounces | whale bag with solid base, 1 shower bag | 1 Whale lite, 1 dolphin, any shower bag | 1 dolphin, 1 Bolongo bay, 1 shower | 5 small shower bags =  .67 per ounce. Shipping cost = $21.38
Shipping for 33-48 ounces | 1 whale, 1 whale lite | 1 whale lite, 1 dolphin, any shower bag | 1 dolphin, 1 Bolongo or dolphin, 1 shower = .68 per ounce. Shipping cost = $32.78
Shipping for 49 - 64 ounces | 2 whale bags, 1 shower bag | 1 whale, 1 zip whale | 1 whale, 1 dolphin, 2 shower bags any style = .73 per ounce.  Shipping cost = $47.03
Once an order exceeds 64 ounces, it automatically ships by priority mail and I found that weights up to 10 pounds (or 160 ounces) were unreasonable, and improved as the orders got bigger.

Best Deal is 10 pounds or 160 ounces. There was a price drop of .07 cents per ounce from 9 pounds to 10 pounds.
Shipping for 10 pounds | 3 any style whale bags, 3 dolphin bags, 2 shower bags any style | 22 small shower bags, and 2 any style (large, or large with zipper) | 5 whale bags, 2 shower bags = .49 per ounce. Shipping cost $78.00 

Returns, swaps, cancellations: If you are not satisfied with the product, ship it back to us for an exchange or full product refund. Your item must be in its original unused condition to be returned, unless there is a manufacturer defect. Please return the item within 30 days of your purchase. Full cost of product will be refunded.

Mail your returned item to: Saltwater Canvas Returns, 8 Bunny Circle, Newton, MA 02458.
We don't need all the paperwork, just the name of who it was shipped to.

We will cover shipping to mail you back an exchange.

Orders that are accepted for return will have the total merchandise amount credited back to the same credit card that was used during the original check out process. Shipping and handling charges will NOT be credited.

Return Exceptions: Multiple Products will be accepted for return or refund, but unless there is found to be a manufacturing defect, a 15% restocking charge will be applied. We recently had a customer who ordered 7 bags, and returned 5, sort of home shopping, and wanted return shipping paid. Since our shipping rates are artificially low, we can not honor this practice, or we'd be out on the street selling our bags. We are not Amazon Prime, who charges $100 a year for "free shipping". Returns and shipping come right out of our pocket.Pr oducts that have been clearly damaged or used (from improper handling, etc.) will NOT be accepted for return.

Donations: We donate! Our bags are quite popular at school auctions, fundraisers, and athletic benefits. Fill them up for a vacation package, or raffle them as they are. Send us an email describing the benefit, and the shipping address. Please attach a donor form/agreement. It takes a certain type of person to organize these huge events.
We often will send a mix of bags for a donation, maybe a whale bag and a couple of shower bags. We have found that the shower bags are a lot of fun to give to people who are a little less involved in the event. They can take the shower bag home, scratch their head, and come up with some amazing themes for the bag. I've seen shower bags filled with donated garden tools and fancy seeds; swimming shampoos and conditioners, a donated 3 month pass to a gym; flashlight, bug repellent, shower goodies for summer camp; shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, a donated gift certificate to Bath and Body, for the dorm or gym; a bottle of donated wine, crackers and cheese, wine opener, pretty napkins for a housewarming gift; an assortment of spices and ingredients with a recipe for a super meal.... Add a bow, and these can raffle off for a lot. The shower bag is fairly small, so usually it can be filled for not too much $$.

Order Cancellations: Because our online orders are shipped out as fast as possible (most orders are shipped out same day) it is almost impossible to cancel an order once you complete the "Check Out" page, especially during the summer months when we are hysterically busy. If, after completing the order, you wish to cancel the sale, you need to wait until you receive your package. DO NOT OPEN THE PACKAGE. Write on it: RETURN TO SENDER. It should come back to us, and you do not have to pay extra shipping. We will refund your merchandise amount.

 custom shower bags

custom shower bags

Custom Orders: Typically, September is our custom bag month, and this spring we are selling custom shower bags, because students need them before the end of summer. Custom Bag Season is announced on the website, sometimes by email. This is a great time to bring out your inner artist. Normally, we sew our bags out of different colors you request, but, if we have time, can add an extra pocket or relocate a strap for a special need. Be thinking about next fall's colors you may want!


New ~ Pay By Check:
 With all the credit card hubbub going on, many people do not want to use credit cards online. Even on this end, if an address doesn't match or something is misspelled, we get a high risk warning. I made the mistake once of ignoring a warning, and lost more than $300 dollars to some gang in London; it can happen in reverse order too.
We have made up a Manual Order Form with all of our bags on it, which you can fill out at your leisure, while looking at the bags online, and seeing which colors you might like the best. We've added a couple of specials, and If you pay by check, you can take 25% off of your order.
When I first started out making shower bags, there was no internet, or not in my little world anyway, and I had no means of processing a credit card. I sewed all the bags by hand, and I mailed them with a bill. I never had a problem with anyone not paying, and it worked out well.