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If you live near Massachusetts, take a look at our Beach Cabanas, which are available for pickup from our workshop in Newton, MA. These are the last 10 we have, out of 900, sold since 1991. They are not cheap, but last for 25 years. We are taking 20 percent off if you pick them up. We've had our cabana anchored every day on the Brewster Beach from May to September since 1992. It has been drowned in sand and water twice and we just hosed the sand off! And . . . it has never blown away like umbrellas do. How? See the funny looking pockets (1 in back 2 in front) which are filled with sand or rocks. We also have 4 mesh windows in the big ones, and 2 mesh windows in the medium ones. See photo below of the big cabana. Mother's day is coming!

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