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19 styles of bags to choose from! Just click on a bag style, and a page will pop up, with an easy to use drop down menu to guide you through the color choices. 

pail bags

N E W DO IT YOURSELF PAGE! Create your own bag. We have all the fixings that you usually have to buy in bulk, for sale at a very good price. Order canvas or mesh by the yard, webbing by the yard, carabiner hooks, snap hooks, D rings, magnets . . . 



Try a mesh bag to brave sun, sand, saltwater and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Sand shakes out, rinse or machine wash. 
Saltwater Canvas® Mesh Bags were born in 1998 with the invention of our mesh Shower bag. The details of the shower bag are found in every Saltwater Canvas® bag: doubled straps which run the length of the bag and can't break; amazing outdoor standup mesh that can get wet and dry fast; several pleated pockets in & out, and 3 rows of sewing around the base. Add some size, zippers, pockets, a keyhook, and you have the Whale Bag®, the Dolphin Bag, and The Bolongo Bay Bag, all beach, garden, sports, swim and gym bags which stand up to busy life and the elements. A quick shake sheds water & sand, whether you use the solid or mesh base. Rinse them with a hose, and they'll be dry in minutes; machine washable too. There are many copies out there, but know that ours are the original. Have a great summer.