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Custom Bag Season is halted for now.

Custom Bag Season is temporarily closed, due to a sudden industrial sewing machine failure on July 25. We are working to fix this situation, and things are at a standstill!


We are selling the last of our Canvas Beach Cabanas, an heirloom product that we designed and have been selling since 1991. The 98% shade provides a dark, cool shade on a hot day, unlike nylon tents, which fry us. Wind filters through the mesh windows for coolness and for stability. Crazy looking outer pockets get filled with rocks or sand to add protection from the wind. Yes, they are portable. They fold up and strap and carry in seconds. Medium size cabanas fit in SUVs, and the large ones fit in minivans. The large one is pictured below, top left: 7 feet wide. Note the yellow triangle sidescreens, and the pine green screens on the base. These screens let wind pass through, keeping the cabana stable, and keeping you cool. Your family can eat picnic sandwiches in a cool shady place with no sandy wind.
Cabanas can be picked up in Newton, MA, or delivered to the Cape in summer or winter, for $25.

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