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Among four promising totes, the Sweethome picked the Saltwater Canvas Mesh Shower Bag for shuttling stuff to the shower. It’s made of mildew-resistant mesh that’s thicker and stronger than that in other caddies, including the popular Honey-Can-Do Quick Dry Shower Tote, which tended to sag.

THE SWEET HOME ENTIRE ARTICLE 2017: After six hours of research and tests of four of the most-promising totes, we like the Saltwater Canvas Mesh Shower Bag for shuttling shampoos and body washes to the shower. It’s made of mildew-resistant mesh that’s thicker and stronger than the materials used in any of the other caddies we looked at, including the popular Honey-Can-Do Quick Dry Shower Tote, which in our tests was prone to sagging unless fully packed. The Saltwater Canvas bag’s thick material meant it was the only caddy that could stand upright on its own when set on the ground. We also appreciated the bag’s double-reinforced offset handle that allows you to hang it in the shower stall for easy access to your stuff.
The Saltwater Canvas bag features one large main compartment, three pockets on the outside, one small pocket on the interior, and 9-inch-high walls that are taller than any other caddy’s. We comfortably fit full-size bottles of shampoo and conditioner, a bottle of body wash, a loofah, face soap, a razor, a toothbrush, and a tube of toothpaste inside. Thanks to those tall walls, this bag can hold heavy, full-size bottles without falling over, unlike the shorter YaeloDesign Shower Caddy. —Eve O’Neill 

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WHALE BAGS                                                       

whale bag black whale bag zip top  blue whale bag


"My Whale beach bag from Saltwater Canvas is the best beach bag I have ever had. We have a summer house at the beach and I use it every day. We even have to wade through a pond to get to the beach so I love the way you can sling it over your shoulder. Mine still looks new after 4 years. At the beach, the pockets are great for suntan lotion, magazines, books, even your sandy flip flops. I especially like the clip inside where I can attach my keys. I have given these bags to my friends as gifts and they all come back asking me how to get another one! ... You couldn't find a better product or a better vendor to buy from."

Andie Witt 

"I am so thrilled to see that you have this new website! I have shared this page with all of my Facebook friends and told them how wonderful I think your product is and encouraged them all to purchase the Whale Bag or the Dolphin Bag. I own the Whale Bag and it will easily handle all the beach necessities of a family of 4 or MORE! It has been so durable, and is so well made that don’t see it ever wearing out. This is the ONLY beach/swim/lake/recreational bag anyone will EVER need! I am about to invest in a shower bag and can’t decide if I want to go with the original or the new large bag. Thanks again for offering such a fantastic product."

T. McAnnally

"The Best Beach Bag EVA!!!"

I have been so excited to share with you what we think is the best beach bag out there!! You need this bag!!! I am thinking of an excuse for your significant others right now! Hmmm.
Anyway, Kate and all my beautiful beach mamas here in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts swear by this bag!

Saltwater Canvas Mesh Beach Bag!! Ooooooo Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Perfect!!!!

Three Haute Mamas

A few years ago the Saltwater Canvas bag was suggested to me by some friends, and I balked at it swearing it could never hold everything I needed it to.  No bag has ever done that.  I was so wrong.  

The Whale is in fact the carry-all of all carry-alls.  I’m going to give you a list of what I put in there so you can understand the enormity of this bag: 4 beach towels (Costco ones), underwear and shorts for the boys, diapers for the baby, extra clothes for the baby, wipes, 3 different kinds of sunblock (see I wasn’t kidding), sippy, my phone, my wristlet, keys, 4 hats, 2 18 oz stainless steel water bottles and a book.
There are a ton of pockets on the outside that help organize the little things so you don’t lose everything at the bottom of the bag.
The material of the bag is a super thick mesh, almost like an outdoor umbrella.  The straps are very securely attached so you never feel like all of the items will break the bag.  I have actually hosed the bag down outside and it dries pretty quickly.  The fact that it is mesh allows you to actually get all of the sand out when you need to.  The bag stands on it’s own, which makes it easy to find things in there. There’s a key clip inside right near the top to attach your keys.  The Saltwater Canvas people have thought of everything.
Candace, Fashionably Organized
black whale bag"By the way, we 
just got back from our spring break vacation and used the 
is fantastic!!! So much space! We love all the side pockets and
interior key holder. It is by far the best beach bag I have ever 
owned!! It was very comfortable to carry over my shoulder, even though 
it was completely filled with all of our stuff. So thanks!! We will 
definitely order from your company again!!"
Melanie Macleod, San Ramon, CA
"I LOVE LOVE LOVE your mesh bags. I have probably a dozen of all the various sizes. Everywhere I go (kid's preschool, beach, swim lessons) people ask about them. Have you noticed a spike in buyers from San Diego?" Jocele Capaldo, San Diego
red whale bag"I can't believe my whale bag arrived so fast! I just received it today and I've already put all my stuff in. AWESOME! I have 4 kids and we go to the pool about every other day and this is absolutely the best bag for us. Thank you so much for your service. If I need more, I will surely let you know. Thanks again! Have a beautiful day!" A. Kurburski, San Antonio
 "And for the beach, this Saltwater Canvas tote (whale bag) has everything you could ask for: eight outer pockets, room inside for up to six towels, and a mesh construction that strains out sand. It stands upright by itself and flattens down for packing. Happy trails!"
O Magazine, June 2011


I have been searching for the ultimate swim bags for my daughters. I ordered two of the whale bags from you and they happened to arrive a few hours before we left for swim class. I loaded up the bags with towels, change of clothes, shower shoes, shampoo, etc., and they worked PERFECTLY! The size is WONDERFUL and we can actually find things in the bag without having to dump the entire contents out. The pockets are great also. We are so happy that we came across your product during a Yahoo search. Thank You! Jennifer P.

Hi Helen. We just returned from our vacation with our Whale Bag and I wanted to write to tell you what a hit it was! We received so many compliments on it that it put to shame the other beach bags around us! It turned out that the Whale Bag was even better than I'd hoped. I was never at a loss for space . . . . Thanks again for such a fabulous product! It truly lived up to the reputation I read online." 
Sarah G.
Parents Magazine, July 2007
"Hot Stuff. Our favorite new products for SUN and SAND. . . The best part about this giant beach tote: Give it a shake at the end of the day and the sand comes out easily." 
"Hi, I'd written about our nieces and how much they love their Whale Bags. My niece has a 1 year old and she takes the bag everywhere with her. The bags are such a convenience in the sand. The sand just falls out of them and they're so easy to clean out. We use them for overnight visits; going to the store; going to the beach; just about anywhere you'd need a big bag." 
Sincerely, Pam P.
I'm excited about this bag. Our mesh swim bag broke (I got it on clearance at Target a year ago) and I went to LL Bean, Target, Kolhs, on my swim bag quest. I told my husband, "it's all about the mesh and pockets." I finally went online and when my google search came to Saltwater Canvas and I saw the bags, I actually said out loud ... YES! Pocket heaven."
Stacie H.
Quick & Simple, July 2007
"Pack it in. The search is over for the ultimate bag. These totes have pockets for all your beachcombing needs, and the mesh fabric lets sand slip right out."
I thought you might find this one interesting. I have a ton of your bags . . . and I love them. I was picking up my daughter the other day day when we found some sort of Florida water bird in the parking lot with yarn/string tied around its neck. Fortunately for birdie, one of the moms was the wife of a vet. She easily caught the bird, and wrapped it up in a towel. The bird was getting really upset, and I remembered I had my Whales in the car. I ran and got one, birdie was placed in the bag, and taken straight to the vet in the Whale Bag! He had to be sedated so they could cut the string off his beak. He received fluids and is now recovering in a bird rehab. So thanks to Saltwater Canvas for helping to save the day!
"YAY! We did get it and LOVE IT! It is packed and ready to head off the Hawaii with us in the morning. Thanks for a great product and fast shipping but most of all amazing customer service! Thanks again!" The Browns, Olympia, WA
black whale bag 

I have used my shower bag daily for 9 years without it falling apart, I believe that I will use these bags for a really long time. If I use my new Whale beach bag for 10 years, that is only $3.50 per year! That is less than a Starbucks beverage!!!

DOLPHIN BAGS                                                   

 "I bought the Dolphin last year for J to use for swim day at summer camp.   It carried his towel, swimsuit, flip flops and goggles.
In the fall when J had soccer I used the Dolphin again.  I put his cleats, shin pads, soccer ball, a diaper, wipes, sunblock (this time only 2 different kinds), snacks, wallet, keys, 1 baby bottle, 2 18 oz stainless steal water bottles and a teething ring in there with no problem.
I will say this:  if you are not going to carry a lot with you then stick with the Dolphin, it is very spacious in it’s own right.  With 3 kids myself I feel I need the Whale only because I have so much to carry, or at least I think I do."
Candace, Fashionably Organized
"Hello! I just received the dolphin bag, going on a cruise. Already I know I am going to LOVE the bag! Thanks." Jane S

The "O" List, July 2007
"The ultimate beach bag. Sturdy, waterproof mesh lets sand sift out while toting three beach towels, lunch, spillables in the five pockets, and keys on the inside hook. The only thing missing is Brian Wilson."
"Wow is all I can say! I ordered Tuesday night and it's here today, Friday! LOVE my Dolphin Bag and plan on ordering more for future gifts. Your product is outstanding! Thanks for the speedy delivery. Saw you in O Magazine on Oprah's O List for reference on where I discovered your bags. Thanks again." 
Kathryn B

SHOWER BAGS                                                   

The original Shower Bags, 1998
Into the shower, dry in an hour! The Black Shower Bag is the #1 Seller Amazon Dorm Shower Products
"I have purchased about 40 shower bags from Saltwater Canvas. When each of my 3 children graduated from high school, I had an easy gift for their graduation parties: shower bags made in their college colors, filled to the brim with college necessities. My kids and their friends loved these bags. They were colorful, easy to fill, had lots of pockets, and they stood up. What a colorful spread! 
Years later I still see these bags being used by "the graduates" to tote items to the gym and to workouts. I can't think of a better bag to offer at an orientation, especially in your own college colors. Go for it!"
Gail Lopez, Medfield, MA
"Tired of  soapy shampoo bottles mucking up your gym bag? . . . shower bags are a cute, clever solution. The cylindrical bags feature external mesh pockets to keep items upright and accessible. A web handle means you can hang the bag in the shower, then simply shake it out and store it . . . these bags promise to endure longer than your gym membership."
Shape Magazine, 1998

"I received the Shower Bag as a going away to college gift and now all my dorm-mates want them. It's the best! "
Kristina C., San Francisco State University Student
"I just ordered one of your bags. I ordered it for my daughter who is going to college. You need to advertise these bags to students going to college. They are perfect -- can get wet and will dry in an hour. Thanks" 
"I received my shower bag through in excellent time, thank you - it's perfect!! I can now take all my bottles, etc. into the shower at the gym and not have to get everything else in my gym bag wet when leaving. Can't seem to get them in the UK and I will be recommending them to all my friends/colleagues."
"Thank you for sending the shower bags - hard to imagine that that could make someone's day, but it does. "
345th Combat Support Hospital, Iraq Thank you, Lt. Nelson
"I have a shower bag in every bathroom in my house. I don't think I could live without them. I give them as gifts and everyone just raves about them." Priscilla M. Moderator of online Babybag board.
The shower bag has been featured in Boston Globe Shop Talk, Shape Magazine, Connecticut Life, and Coast to Coast Magazine.

By sayNOtoMOMjeans, Amazon review on May 16, 2016

Verified Purchase

I bought a shower bag 9 years ago from Saltwater Canvas. This bag has withstood hundreds of showers in its prior use as shower bag and almost a full year hanging outside in the salty/humid air, holding 120 stainless steel clothespins. It cleans easily and shows practically no signs of wear. It hasn't mildewed. Because of the quality of this bag I looked for a beach bag from the same company.

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