Saltwater Canvas Dorm Shower Caddy - the original, 9 great colors, 2 sizes

Mesh Shower Bags for Dorm, Camp, Pool, Gym


Our Shower Bags were voted #1 by the New York Times 2017. We think everyone needs a shower bag, young or old, athletic or not. These are quite popular among campers, swimmers, athletes, lifeguards, college students, travelers, outdoor showerers. They can attach to a walker after surgery, or be attached to a bedside, or put on a horizontal shower bar with one of our straps. Fill them up for a great gift. The bags are guaranteed for 5 years, and will probably last for 10. Our oldest one retired after 18 years of use.
Into the shower, dry in an hour
6 oz. Sturdy Mesh Stands Up & packs easily
Doubled 30" Strap for hanging up at back. Strap runs length of bag for never-rip strength.
4 roomy pockets, one inside
Hold 6 bottles with room for accessories
Rated #1 shower bag by the New York Times 2017
Why are some shower bags more expensive? They are sewn here in our shop.