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Mesh Shower Bags for Dorm, Camp, Pool, Gym

mesh shower bag


Into the shower, dry in an hour
6 oz. Sturdy Mesh Stands Up
Doubled 30" Strap for hanging up at back.
4 roomy pockets, one inside
Hold 6 bottles with room for accessories
Rated #1 shower bag by the New York Times "The Sweethome" 2017
The only shower bag that stands up by itself and packs easily

I invented the shower bag in 1998, when I swam laps every morning and needed a shower bag. It took about 12 tries, to get the mesh, pockets and straps and size just right. The pattern has stayed the same. I'm on my 3rd shower bag, and I have one at my mom's house for when I visit, and I keep one in my gym locker, and grab it when I go away. I took it on my first cruise to Bermuda, and it did the job. I also use it in the outdoor shower at the Cape. No koodies! These are super for the dorm and camp, and just to have ready for a last minute trip or swim. There are a lot of copies out there, and I think mine is still the best. Easy to hang and store. 

The Mesh Shower Bag goes right into the shower with you and dries fast. Fill it up with shampoo, conditioner, soaps, comb, toothbrush; all your shower goodies now fit into a single bag. The Mesh Shower Bag keeps all of your items upright and easy to see, so you'll never have to worry about braving slimy mildew to find your stuff. Perfect for college students at the dorm, swimmers, gym members, campers, travelers, RVers, mariners, cruisers, or a last minute overnight. The strap located at the back of the Mesh Shower Bag allows for easy hang-up in the shower, and a quick dry wherever you store it. This bag also stands up in the shower or squashes for easy travel. Fill it for a graduation gift they can use for years.

"... the only caddy that could stand upright on its own"... "It’s made of mildew-resistant mesh that’s thicker and stronger than that in other caddies" ... "Thanks to those tall walls, this bag can hold heavy, full-size bottles without falling over..." The Sweethome August 2017

"I bought a shower bag 9 years ago from Saltwater Canvas. This bag has withstood hundreds of showers in its prior use as a daily shower bag and almost a full year hanging outside in the salty/humid air, holding 120 stainless steel clothespins. It cleans easily and shows practically no signs of wear. It hasn't mildewed. Because of the quality of this bag I looked for a beach bag from the same company". Amazon review, May 16, 2016

"Tired of soapy shampoo bottles mucking up your gym bag? . . . mesh shower bags are a cute, clever solution. The cylindrical bags feature external mesh pockets to keep items upright and accessible. A web handle means you can hang the bag in the shower, then simply shake it out and store it . . . these mesh shower bags promise to endure longer than your gym membership." Shape Magazine, 1998

"Awesome product, great price and lightening speed shipping. Thank You!!! Love it!!"
S. Fox, San Angelo, Texas

"This is part of a high school graduation gift for my nephew.
I have filled it full bathroom necessities. Holds quite a bit of stuff!" B. Moore, Frametown, WV
"I received the Mesh Shower Bag as a going away to college gift and now all my dorm-mates want them. It's the best!" Kristina C., San Francisco State University Student

"This bag is not flimsy or thin. It is a sturdy shower bag and just the right size for shampoo bottles and the like". C Beach, York, Nebraska

"My son who will be a senior in college this year told me it's the only thing he still uses out of all the graduation gifts he received! It's really held up!" L Massardo, Charlotte, NC