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Learn to swim

The water can be very frightening for some. A bad experience, a careless swimming teacher, watching Channel 7, or maybe just never learning to swim at a young fearless age can all be reasons to stay away from the water. Think of why it might be fun to learn to swim: join your friends and family to splash, play and swim; learn to swim laps and ease pain in joints and muscles; get leaner; go for a boat ride without fear; cool yourself off at the lake, ocean, or pool; take a canoe ride with a friend. Swimming can be a cooling, calming and relaxing time.  

We start by you getting comfortable in the shallow end of the pool, holding on to the poolside at all times, kicking, walking, and just feeling how the water works, and how it feels. We then go on to learning how to float, blow bubbles, kick, etc. at your pace. I am in the water with you always. Again, you learn every new skill as you are ready. Classes are arranged depending on where you are coming from. They usually run an hour.

If you live near the Newton, MA area, please email me if you would like to learn to swim. If a group setting is more your style, I am currently teaching teen and adult lessons at the West Suburban YMCA in Newton. Classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:40 - 8:20, not the best time of day for any of us! If you are interested, please go to the website:

I recommend joining the YMCA for 2-3 months because the swimming class costs less, and you can practice your new skills anytime you want without paying the daily guest fee. You can join by the month and the price is the same.

Another idea is to take lessons with a friend, and either come together to the Y class, or contact me and we can arrange classes for a better time at a different location. Please include approximate times you might like to take your classes. 2 classes a week is ideal, we don't want you to get waterlogged! By the end of 8 classes, we can see how you are doing, and we can continue or not, as you like.

Helen Langone
Lifeguard Certified
Certified ALTS instructor (Adults Learn to Swim)
Certified Water Safety Instructor
US Masters Swimming Member 15 years
Phone: 617-417-3826
Email is best:



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