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Welcome to Saltwater Canvas! What a long winter this has been; I am looking forward to summer and being free on the beach! We have some new bags and some great sale items. Lots of 2fers and good deals for you. You'll see a few bags that were experiments gone bad . . .

We have gone full circle now. I designed and sewed all of our mesh bags for years, and then took our most popular bags overseas to have them made. After 100s of copies of my Whale bags and Shower Bags are all over Amazon, I am back to making the bags my way, in my colors, so no one can copy me anymore. You will see some SALE imported bags, which are cheaper, and more expensive bags, which I make here in my workshop. A perfect place to go when I can't leave the house these days! Spend $50 and get free shipping, and go crazy on the SALE page. I hope you all made it through a really terrible winter. Summer can't get here fast enough.


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