Mesh bags & shower bags for beach, dorm, camp, gym, pool, travel, boat – Saltwater Canvas® LLC

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Saltwater Canvas® Mesh Bags were born in 1998 with the invention of our mesh Shower bag. The details of the shower bag are found in every Saltwater Canvas® bag: double straps which run the length of the bag and can't break; amazing outdoor standup mesh that can get wet and dry fast; roomy pockets in & out, and 3 rows of sewing around the base. Add some size, zippers, pockets, a keyhook, and you have the Whale Bag, the Dolphin Bag, and the Bolongo Bay Bag: all beach, garden, sports, swim and gym bags which stand up to busy life and the elements. A quick shake sheds water & sand, whether you use the solid or mesh base. Rinse them with a hose, and they'll be dry in minutes; machine washable too. There are many copies out there, but know that ours are the original.


Did you know that Saltwater Canvas started in 1991, just making beach cabanas? After 28 years, we have decided to close down this side of our business. Beach Cabanas are a labor of love. Small and Large cabanas take from 1 day to 2 days to make, and are made with top notch weatherproof materials. Our inventory of 24 foot aluminum tubing, rolls and rolls of Sunbrella fabric, plus all the bending templates, huge sewing machine and table, and inventory all take up a lot of room in one tiny house!
We are selling off the last of our stock. We currently have:
2 - 84" wide large cabanas, which are hotel and beachfront property friendly
8 - 64" wide medium cabanas, which travel in most SUVs easily. Great for rentals.
The cabanas are expensive; they last for a generation of sun protection. The smaller personal cabanas are not sold anywhere else in the world. We've seen variations of the larger cabanas in Florida, but we think ours are much better constructed. We've had 28 years to perfect them. For a one of a kind gift to you and your family, go to our cabana page. Cabanas must be picked up at our Newton location, just off of exit 17 of the Mass Pike; easy if you are on your way to Cape Cod this summer.