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Pay by Check Page


Welcome to our Pay by Check page. We have made an order form you can print out and order at your leisure and mail it with a check. Many people do not like paying by credit card online, or they have had their credit card compromised, or maybe they have too many credit cards, and want to ease out of that situation. I have been there myself. I have a funny story to share. My father absolutely refused to own a credit card, until he and my mother were in their 70s. This meant all kinds of problems when it came to renting a car, ordering online, etc. Finally, the day came when they got their own credit card, and our whole family was happy. One day, my father called me to see if he could use my credit card for an online purchase, just in case his credit card got ruined by the experience. I still don't quite understand what the logic was, but it sure seemed as though he didn't mind me taking the risk! 

With all the credit card hubbub going on, many people do not want to use credit cards online. Even on this end, if an address doesn't match or something is misspelled, we get a high risk warning. I made the mistake once of ignoring a warning, and lost more than $300 dollars to some gang in London; it can happen in reverse order too. 

We have made up a Manual Order Form with all of our bags on it, color by color, which you can print and fill out at your leisure, while looking at the bags online, and seeing which colors you or a friend might like the best. 
When I first started out making shower bags, there was no internet, or not in my little world anyway, and I had no means of processing a credit card. I sewed all the bags by hand, and I mailed them out with a bill. I never had a problem with anyone not paying, and it worked out well. 

I sort of like the idea of going back a little in time, in this fast moving world of ours. Here is a link to our easy order form. If you are in a rush, you can call me at 617-417-3826 or email me at, and I will have your order ready to go by the time your check gets here. Thank you, Helen