Large 84" Beach Cabanas Newton MA – Saltwater Canvas® LLC

Large 84" Beach Cabana

$499.00 $999.00


This giant 84" wide cabana is made for families at the beach. We recommend it for beach or lakefront homes. We leave ours up all summer, open, it is on its 25th season this summer! This cabana has 2 screens at the back, and 2 triangle screens on the side. These screens keep the cabana cool, and they also allow wind in or out, to keep it stable. The Sunbrella Fabric is impervious to sun and wind, provides a 98% sun barrier, and a dark, cool shade; great for napping babies, a respite from the sun, or eating a picnic lunch. 3 outer grommeted pockets hold sand or rocks for wind protection. Windy day? Fill up the pockets more. Children usually enjoy this job. Email Helen at with any questions. All cabanas must be picked up at our Newton, MA location, just off exit 17 (now 127)of the Mass Pike. They can be purchased now, and we will hold them from now until Memorial Day for pickup. A wonderful gift for you and your family.

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